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In terms of food packaging-related R&D and, more specifically, that related to flexible plastic packaging, our studies are largely focusing on the incorporation of different additives to increase the shelf life of fresh products, preventing any alteration in the microbiological or organoleptic properties of them. In recent years, studies have revealed UV light, and even visible light, has an influence on packaging throughout the distribution and sale of the product. This is the area that SP GROUP is concentrating on within the Conservapesca project. It is developing different types of film that filter this radiation. These trials are generating spectacular results. We performed a study focusing on fresh fish products that also require a good anti-fog effect. There are two ways we can incorporate these light filters into transparent film: by printing the substance onto the film or adding the concentrate during extrusion. We recommend the latter for industrial production, as this can be done easily on the production line. The advantage of both techniques is that they can be combined, as both are certified for food contact.