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VSTEAM® is a steam escape-valve system on a Doy-pack that has been patented by SP GROUP. This packaging has been specially designed for frozen products, mainly vegetables and seafood products to be cooked directly in the microwave. As part of the Conservapesca project, tests were performed during the second year by one of the companies in the consortium, PROCOSUR, with very good results. Two types of test were run. On the one hand, pre-cooked and frozen cuttlefish-based dishes were used (“chickpeas and cuttlefish” and “Rioja-style cuttlefish”). These were cooked in the microwave for 10 minutes, sufficient time for them to thaw out, heat up and be ready to eat. The other test was carried out on a dish prepared raw and then frozen (“mixed vegetables with megrim”). After approximately 17 minutes in the microwave it was ready to eat. In both cases the dishes cooked inside the VSTEAM® pouch, were very juicy, tender and perfectly ready to eat.