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Active plastics


As part of the CONSERVAPESCA project, SP Group is applying new technologies in order to reduce the amount of preservatives required and to increase the service life of the seafood product.

The group is developing new Active Packaging with qualities that are extremely beneficial for improving the quality of seafood products. The following are just some of the advantages of this modified-atmosphere packaging: a reduction in enzymatic chemical reactions and microbial growth; an increase in practicality and economy in production; a longer shelf life which allows producers to make the most of economies of scale for production, manage provisions and transport costs, and improve export conditions.

  • Films antimicrobianos Antimicrobial films reduce the concentration of microorganisms.
  • Films antioxidantes Antioxidant films prevent the oxidation and browning of the seafood.
  • Films absorbedores de volátiles Volatile-compound-absorbing films eliminate the gases given off by the fish.
  • Films que filtran la luz ultravioleta Oxygen-absorbing films reduce the oxygen needed by bacteria and increase the service life of the product.

In addition to these films, SP Group is researching how to improve the behaviour of foods to determine the ideal packaging to maintain the highest quality. To do so, we have the possibility of: